Create the Winner Effect

Create the Winner Effect and build on past successes.

The Winner Effect is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, where positive experiences in the past cause individuals to be confident and take more risks. And surely a few of those risks will pay off in the future too. So initial success breeds more success along the way.

In other words, past success can be the basis of a feedback loop of dopamine that becomes stronger over time.

So how do we create the winner effect in our own life?

Creating the winner effect

If we examine the psychology and mindset of individuals who keep winning, we can see that they create the winner effect by anticipating they will be successful. As a result, they purposefully elicit an emotional or behavioural change based on their desired final outcome. To achieve this we all have a system in our brains called the RAS.

The Reticular Activation System

The RAS is a system that controls your attention and navigates your reality.

Your RAS helps you Create the winner effect

It is a system that is fully immersed in the experience of life itself – taking in about 11 million pieces of data in each moment. Moreover, it acts as your personal executive assistant, filtering out the junk and focusing on the valuable and actionable information. But it can only consciously process up to 40 pieces per second.

Put differently, your RAS can only focus on what you value the most. It’s the glasses through which you view and act in the world, calibrating your behaviour in any situation and supporting you when you set goals.

In short, you can activate the winner effect by ensuring this system is engaged in the right way.

Two methods to engage your RAS

1. Use the Concept of Inversion to eliminate bad thoughts and actions that do not serve you.
2. Increase your Vibration Frequency to attract positivity and higher level emotions.

The Concept of Inversion

Ancient philosophers like Marcus Aurelius, Seneca and Epictetus used an exercise known as Premeditatio Malorum. They asked themselves in a situation what could go wrong. In such case, they assumed something would fail and they would then reason why it happened.

Through this technique, they created an environment where obstacles and pitfalls were identified beforehand. In the event that the moment of opportunity would come, they would be prepared and would have resolved it already.

preparing yourself

In other words, don’t ask yourself how to close in on your goals but how to stray from it. What stands in the way of your progress?

  • Distractions
  • Unproductivity
  • Temptation
  • Lack of willpower / drive
  • Social influence
  • Environmental influence

By taking away these personal pitfalls and obstacles, the road to success is pretty much guaranteed.

Trying out a new diet? Imagine what can block you from achieving a healthy lifestyle.
Trying to be more social? Examine your life and how it makes you anti-social.

Trying to quit a bad habit? Think about how the bad habit is triggered in the first place.
Trying to be more productive? Imagine what could stop you from being productive.
Trying to save money? Think about what is stopping you from saving consistently.
Trying to change? Think about what is keeping you in the same place.

Simply put, the concept of inversion can help you to minimize friction and resistance. Because it helps you look at the things that prevent you from achieving your goal. In this case, advancing or moving forward becomes easier.

Once you have freed the path of obstacles, the next step is to elicit an appropriate emotional response to the situation that will help you create the winner effect.

Increasing your Vibration Frequency

We all have emotions and bodily energies. A ‘vibe’ that interacts with the environment. But to attract the right emotional response for any situation means that there has to be resonance between your inner world and outer world. Basically speaking, our feelings must match the environment we seek.

inrease your vibe to create the winner effect

Although we might have strong intent to raise our inner vibrancy, but without belief, you’re driving with the brakes on.

Thus, to obtain a different vibrational frequency you need to raise your level of awareness and mentally see yourself winning. Simply said, the emotion has to be triggered before the reward and situation will be manifested. With the right emotional response the winner effect will be created.

The fact of the matter is that what we can see and believe we can achieve. Because it’s the mind that creates the chasm, and the heart that has to cross over it. When this happens you will automatically draw out the reality you want and activate the winner effect in yourself.

Boris is a Dutch consultant, Lifestyle Coach and Sports fanatic. He enjoys helping others with personal development by creating a change in attitude and behaviour.