Unlock your Potential

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Build a New Lifestye in six steps:

Start with Action & Commitment

Develop Consistency & Discipline

Obtain Results & Strive for Success

Focus on Balance & Align Priorities

Develop a Positive Stoic Mindset

Engage Presence & Live with Impact


The Big Question

We see it happen too often. We set goals, but we don't take action. Goal setting is therefore not the problem. That's the easy part. It's about goal getting - being able to stay motivated for the long term. Only if you are intrinsically motivated can you achieve that ultimate reward that lies far in the future.

So the big question is not about figuring out what to do. Anyone can do that.

The big question is: How do I keep going when things are tough?

A Change Catalyst is someone who knows how catalyze their mindset to stay the right course. With small but significant actions, it means knowing how to stay positive while striving for that future image.


Hi, I'm Boris

I'm a Dutch lifestyle consultant and I help others build sustainable long term habits. My belief is that we all have a Change Catalyst within us that can help us build new habits.

My mission with this eBook is to give you the tools and knowledge to become this Change Catalyst in your own life. This means that you know how to catalyze your mindset and how to unlock your motivation, so you can work on your goals consistently.

At the end of this eBook you will have a step-by-step plan that you can apply to build new powerful habits. This plan is based on a scientific theory called Spiral Dynamics, developed by Dr. Graves. With this theory you will learn more about intrinsic motivation and how this can help you achieve a new version of yourself.


Discover Spiral Dynamics

Spiral Dynamics originates from a theory developed by Dr. Graves. He was a professor of psychology and the founder of the emergent cyclical theory of adult human development. In simple terms; his theory describes how human psychology has evolved over thousands of years.

For example, our basic survival colours, such as Beige and Purple, helped us in our day to day life when we lived in tribes. But then the world started to change. Empires and civilizations were built. These developments led to new problems and new ways of thinking.

In this spiral each level builds on the understanding of the levels below. Each level signifies a new insight and perspective of looking at the world.

Beige - SurvivalSense

Our first value system is beige, the colour of survival. Our basic need and focus was to eat, drink and sleep. Automatic instincts and our sense of survival were guiding us in our choices.

Purple - Kinspirits

The second value focuses on safety by living in a clan. This allowed us to form bonds, cooperate and prosper. Loyalty to the community and collective values became important.

Red - Powergods

By living in a clan something changed within us. Our free will and ego awakened. We wanted more control and power. This gave us the determination and willpower to chase and conquer.

Blue - Truthforce

Because of the red chaos we developed the need for structure and order. Our search for meaning and stability created a new civilization with rules, religion and guidelines for righteous living.

final transp tur spiral dyna

Orange - StriveDrive

In a new capitalistic world, an abundance of opportunities allowed us to obtain independence and autonomy. Our focus switched to a need for personal results and material success.

Green - HumanBond

The next value system is the realization that real happiness is not found in material abundance and success. This leads to our need for peace, harmony and balance in our lives.

Yellow - FlexFlow

In the last 50 years the world changed rapidly. This means we constantly have to adapt to the situation with creative solutions and flexibility, while dealing with surprises and uncertainties.

Turqouise - GlobalView

The final colour is turquoise, which is the need to seek wholeness with the universe. With a holistic worldview, we try to engage our spiritual intelligence to live a purposeful life.


In the eBook you will discover these colours in more detail. With tools, strategies and exercises my mission is to help you activate these colours. So you can become a Change Catalyst that is intrinsically motivated to build a healthy & active lifestyle.