Creating the Alpha Bridge

“All around us is vibrancy and energy, as the whole universe is sparking with generative power”

– Dawson Church (paraphrased)

In a world of technology and infinite distractions we have anxieties and worries preventing us from feeling aware and present. As a result, we lose touch with our environment and the universe.

So how do we tap back into this source of energy?
How can connect with this higher power?

Connecting the inner and outer world

Maxwell Cade, a British biophysicist and psychobiologist discovered that people who spiritually practiced consciousness could provoke an awakened mind state. By intentionally raising certain frequencies of their brain they were able to radiate measurable energy of bliss and creativity. He concluded in his research that the common factor between these spiritual practitioners was the high level of Alpha brain waves, creating a ‘bridge’ between their inner and outer powers.

What is the Alpha Bridge?

Alpha brainwaves are the central piece of the bridge required to synchronize our local mind with the non-local powers of the universe.This allows us to enter a state of flow where our vibrational energy state is heightened and we feel relaxed and focused. It is the connecting piece between our inner rhythm, and the tempo of the environment.

“Join the universe by finding and matching the tempo of life. Let go of the edges of yourself, and participate In the dance of what we call consciousness”

– Dawson Church (paraphrased)

However, most people do not feel connected with this source because their daily rhythm is disconnected from their environment.

Our present ‘disconnect’

Our mental state is reset each time we go to sleep. We enter the realm of the unconscious and dream until we wake up. That moment we wake up in the morning is actually a very crucial moment. Because as soon as we become cognitively aware of our self, we start rattling about our list of things to do for the day.

Waking up in the morning 
Type of Brainwave 
Delta Waves 
Sleeping State 
Brain State 
Theta Waves 
Dreaming State 
Alpha Waves 
Relaxed I 
Waking State 
High Beta Waves 
Vigilant State

We fear that important call we have scheduled. We dread starting our work and tell ourselves we are unhappy. We feel anxiety about something we failed or didn’t do right in the past. On top of that we start worrying about some irrelevant thing in the future. In other words, from a relaxed waking state, we immediately speed towards a vigilant state of focus.

Instead of taking the time in the morning to extend our Alpha State, we immediately move on to right side; the High Beta Vigilant State where we are unable to focus or stay calm in the present moment.

This overwhelming feeling can be a struggle. Not taking the time in the morning can have devastating consequences for the rest of your day.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will spend all day looking for it.”

– Richard Whately

Extending the Alpha State

It becomes evident that how you treat your morning is what defines the rest of your day. That is why it is important to carve out some time during the start of your day to premeditate on what has to be done and in what type of mental state you wish to be in.

Are you waking up just before you should or are you taking the time to create a good start of the day?
Do you feel energized or leeched when you start your day? Why is that?
Are there any specific worries at the start of the day that negatively impact your mood for the rest of the day?

Then try to resolve those issues. So you can start the day in a state of presence and relaxation, integrating the best parts of your cognitive mind with your intuition and feelings.

How to connect to the bigger universe

Alpha Waves help you integrate mind thoughts with bodily feelings. As a result, new neural circuits will be formed between different parts of your brain. This process is called Neural Adaptation – where you are literally changing the matter of your brain by changing the mind state you are living in.

In the book Mind to Matter, Dawson Church poses that through learning new neural connections are formed and through forgetting old neural connections are being pruned away. This active process is called neuroplasticity, and Dawson states that this process is what allows us to change our brain over the course of time:

“If you wish to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

In other words, by focusing on the mind and its emotional state, we are able to change the neural networks of our brains as well and consequently the reality that we live in

“Everything is connected and the universe and the web are holy”

– Marcus Aurelius

From mind to body to soul

Alpha Waves can help you establish a stronger connection between mind, body and soul so you can attract a new reality in your life. But this process of synchronization isn’t achieved without effort.

It always starts in the mind, where we create knowledge and theoretical assumptions. Through the body is how we test and experience that knowledge. Through the soul is how this becomes a new belief or type of wisdom.

From the mind we create theory. Through our body we put it into practice. Over time, habits are formed and it becomes part of our soul and spirit.

From the mind we might ‘know’ a truth, but through is the body is how we ‘feel’  it is true, until we embody the truth through our soul.

From the mind we may have a foundation of philosophy, but through the body is how we practice this philosophy and through the soul is how we become a master of that philosophy.

In the mind we learn with our heads. In the body we practice with our hand and through our soul we know something by heart.

Put differently, to change and attract the reality we seek, we should start in the mind, go through the body, until new change is transferred into the soul. This applies to all elements of life, whether it be knowledge, experience or a new way of thinking.

Creating mystical experiences

In short, Alpha waves can help you make consciousness a bigger part of your life. It can help you with shedding worry and anxiety. It can lead to epiphanies, detachment of your body and physical limitations, and realizing that beliefs are just obstacles towards the everlasting goal of mind and identity expansion.

Once you understand that the mind is the base of your reality, it becomes clear that attracting a new reality is simply about opening yourself up to the infinite range of possible outcomes in life. Opening up yourself to this energy and connecting with it.

So start creating mystical experiences by walking more. Meditate when you can. Be in nature and see the ordinary for the extraordinary. Reflect on yourself, your behaviour, your goals and progress. Exercise to become present. Listen to your favourite music. Increase your vibrational energy.

Amplify Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma waves and induce the right emotional state and frame of mind to tackle each day of your life with the brightest energy you have.

What percentage of your brain waves is focused awareness?
How much time do you spend thinking in a valuable way, and how much time in a destructive way?
Are you attuned to your environment, ready to capitalize on new opportunities when they pass by?
Aligning yourself with the highest possibilities and peak moments?

Start creating that Alpha Bridge in your everyday life. Create a high degree of neural circuits that facilitate synchronicity. Because life is only for 25% about finding yourself, and for 75% about creating yourself.

So become critical of the energy field that you inhibit and use to view the world.

Dont focus only on the top of the iceberg that you can see, because there is a whole lot more under it.

Look past your 5 senses and how they are connected to the world. Look at your energy, your personality essence and how that influences your manifestation of the present moment.

Because you’ll always be a prisoner of your mindset, so let it be a good mindset.

So create that Alpha Bridge and become the best version of yourself by connecting with the universe’s infinite potential.

Boris is a Dutch consultant, Lifestyle Coach and Sports fanatic. He enjoys helping others with personal development by creating a change in attitude and behaviour.