Air Dynamics and Self-Development

Air Dynamics and Self-Development are alike. In both cases resistance is needed to fly or soar to new heights.

Air Dynamics and self-development

The Aerodynamics of Flying

Flight is the process by which an object moves through an atmosphere without contact with the surface. It is made up of four elements.

  1. Gravity is the force pulling us down while decreasing upward motion
  2. Lift is the upward motion of airflow that counters gravity
  3. Thrust is the forward motion that the wings create from pushing the air
  4. Drag is the resistance slowing down the birds forward motion or velocity

The first important lesson flying teaches us is that resistance is actually a crucial part of being able to fly. Likewise in life, resistance or challenges are there to develop yourself into who you can become. In both cases, it is not possible to fly higher without resistance being present.

Of course the question is how we can fly higher in our own life;

Are there emotional burdens or limiting beliefs that are weighing us down?
Can we find sources that lift us up to new heights?
Can we turn resistance into fuel to propel ourselves forward?

Flying higher

The eagle is a prime example of a bird that has mastered the process of flight.

flying higher

An eagle has low air drag due to its aerodynamic shape minimizing frictions.

There is no unnecessary weight and its wings provide optimal lift for air dynamics.

And the fourth element is sufficient thrust; the eagles uses its wings and we can use our mental drive to propel us forward. To power us into action and take on challenges to develop ourselves into a higher standard.

Are you working on your Air Dynamics and Self-Development?

To fly higher and faster, your thrust and lift needs to go up more than your drag and weight.

Some people already naturally have a high lift, but also a lot of weight tearing them down. Other people have a high force of thrust but resistance is dragging them down.

The question for you is; what do you think is your strongest element? Which one is negatively impacting your flying performance? What do you need to change in order to fly higher?

The answer is often found by making a simplified view of forces acting in your life – and then taking the right measures to deal with them.

Go soar higher than ever before.

fly and gain experience

Boris is a Dutch consultant, Lifestyle Coach and Sports fanatic. He enjoys helping others with personal development by creating a change in attitude and behaviour.