Using a Habit Tracker


Building new habits requires intentional effort. To help you succeed with this mission I've created a digital habit tracker. Especially when we start a new habit it is important to track our adherence to it - to really make it part of our new identity. Use this habit tracker to follow through with your habit and to obtain consistent results.

If you prefer an offline version, I would suggest using a bullet journal to track your daily habits.

How it works

Write down the habits you want to track in the excel file. You can also add a time, place or duration of the habit. It is a good idea to describe the specific circumstances when you want to execute the new habit. You can then start with tracking your habits by using the x and - signs. The x sign means you executed the new habit and the - sign means that you didn't.

Never skip twice


We all have days where we skip a habit. This is no big deal. The most important thing is to get back on track as soon as possible. That's why the goal is to never skip twice.

The colours in the picture above reflect this mindset. If you miss a habit you mark the day with a - sign. If you miss once a week it means you will get a score of 6 out of 7, which is 85,71%. This means that the week will still turn green and you are doing a good job. However, if you fail twice the score will become a 5 out of 7, which is 71,43%. This means that the week will turn yellow, indicating that you are in the warning zone.

If you fail to follow up on the habit 3 times a week or more, the cell will turn red, indicating that you are not being as consistent as you would like to.

If you are incorporating habits that are not daily (like going to the gym 4 times a week), simply leave the cell empty. It won't be counted as a day you miss, so the percentage stays as a high as possible.

In short, these colours give you a visual view of your progress and your level of adherence.

Last but not least: when you see lots of red or yellow it doesn't mean that you are not doing the right things. It simply means you can take a moment to reflect and ask yourself; why am I not following up on the new habit?

Is it too difficult?

Is the timing off?

Is it something that I prefer to do at a different time?

For example, maybe the habit you are trying to cultivate is easier for you in the morning than in the evening or vice versa.

Try to experiment with it while also tracking your progress.