Access your Quantum Potential

Access your Quantum potential by using your imagination.  Because visualizing future positive images can help obtain that new reality.

Tap into the energy field and access your quantum potential

The Quantum Universe

Quantum physics states that we are living in a vibrational universe, that on the sub-atomic level is comprised of pure energy. So depending on the type of thought or emotion we have, we send out a unique energy signature into the world. It is this energy signature that subsequently 'attracts' a corresponding reality.

This quantum law is also known as the law of attraction, which means that whatever state of being we are in we also attract. In other words, higher frequency vibrations are correlated with positive emotions and a successful reality.

Now, I'm a big fan of pragmatism, but there is a fundamental truth to the law of attraction. W\e create our thoughts, emotions and life with energy from our consciousness. Thus, to attract the right life, the right energy has to be generated inside first.

The power that making a choice has
Rather than feeling like you're an effect to what happens
Make a choice
Just decide what it's gonna be
Who you're gonna be
How you are going to do it
Just decide
And from that point, the universe will get out of your way

3 Steps to Access your Quantum Potential

The first step is visualize a future image and situation as a mental image. The next step is to become familiar with the image and its energy. Because the more intense the experience, the easier it is to identify with it, attract it and turn it into a reality.

leap into a quantum future with visualization, experience and attraction.

So the key to access our quantum potential to think of a big and positive future. Research backs it up too that mental programming techniques should be a deliberate practice. Instead of programming yourself sporadically, it should be a daily practice to imagine the future you.

"Instead of thinking from past memory to create past experiences, think from future memory to create future experiences"

- Joe Dispenza

So before I share some effective mental programming techniques to help you attract a new future, I will share some quantum insights.

Part 1. Old beliefs precede our reality and hide new possibilities.
Part 2. 'Visualized Pre-experiences' help us see new possibilities.
Part 3. We can become the cause of effect and attract a new reality.
Part 4. We can use mental techniques to access our full quantum potential and manifest the reality we hold sharply in our minds.

Part 1. How old beliefs precede our reality

"Your thoughts greatly influence how you feel and behave. In fact, your inner monologue has a tendency to become a self-fulfilling prophecy."

- Amy Morin

how beliefs shape your life

Life is defined by our personal belief system. Our lens of looking at the world. Through this lens, the concept of who we think we are is created. Rules are set on what is possible and what we deserve. In essence, our beliefs precede the reality that we inhabit.

"You are where you are based on the way you think and the behaviours that those thoughts produce. Your life is a reflection of your standards, of what you think is possible. "

- Kerwin Rae

Put differently, beliefs are like filters that create our mental software for living. It is through our beliefs that life and behaviour is formed, ultimately leading to the everyday choices we make:

Beliefs shape our attitude.
Our attitude colours our thoughts.
Then, our thoughts ignite our feelings.
As a result, our feelings define our decisions
From our decisions arise conscious choices.

- Joe Dispenza (paraphrased)

So even though we might want one thing, we will only get what we think we deserve. We only see the possibilities we allow ourselves to see:

"You always get what you want, although it might not be what you are asking for"

- Lee Pulos

How beliefs influence our perception

In a positive light, this means that beliefs can be so strong that they can even make us superhuman. For example, in the 1950's, Dr. Theodore Xenophon Barber at the American University in Washington did some research. He found that hypnotized subjects easily underwent surgery without anaesthesia after being told they could not feel pain. It changed their belief on a fundamental level:

"The plain truth is that when a subject is convinced that he is deaf, he behaves as if he is deaf; when he is convinced that he is insensitive to pain, he can undergo surgery without anaesthesia"

This is an extreme case with hypnosis included. However, it shows that beliefs (either empowering or depowering) are fundamental in determining our reality. Unfortunately, most people set their own limiting beliefs as the boundaries of their individual accomplishment. Eliminating possibilities based on old beliefs:

“You act and feel not according to what things are really like, but according to the image your mind holds of what they are like. You have certain mental images of yourself, your world, and the people around you, and you behave as though these images were the truth, the reality, rather than the things they represent.”

- Maxwell Maltz

So the first step to access your quantum potential is to explore how you can use images in your minds to create new thoughts and feelings.

Imagining new thoughts to access your quantum potential

Almost 90% of our daily thoughts are repetitive, making us think and feel in a narrow range of consciousness. Surely, this is a big obstacle to change our reality. To truly change, we should explore and imagine new octaves of consciousness and thought patterns that are unfamiliar to us.

create new thoughts to access your quantum potential

“We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.”

- Gautama Buddha

Certainly, we are programming ourselves every moment of our lives. So, we can either focus on the old limiting beliefs, the old visualizations and patterns how we normally think. Or we focus our awareness on the future image that we are striving towards. But grasping the essence of it isn't enough. Seeing the new image of our future is not sufficient. We should actually feel it besides seeing it.

Part 2. Using 'visualized pre-experiences'

We can all daydream about the person we want to become. But besides imagining and visualizing our new beliefs, here is a challenge for you.

Try to think of your future situation as if you already have it. This is actually pretty hard to do - and it allows you to identify with your future self on an emotional level rather than only an intellectual level.

So are you able to imagine that you're already standing on the mountaintop? How does it feel it have achieved it? Can you visualize and 'pre-view' the experience and relate to it?

access your quantum potential by previewing your feelings

Describe your state. Describe what you would be happy for. Why? This allows your brain to think about the image and accept it as a reality that can be manifested.

If you can sense how you would feel, you're activating the Automatic Success Mechanism we have inside each of us. It guides us to attract a new reality once you fully see and believe in it.

“The imagination, aimless, may provide pleasant entertainment. Applied purposefully, it can effectively program your self-image and, in turn, your Automatic Success Mechanism to realize whatever goals you choose.”

- Maxwell Maltz

In other words, through imagination and gratitude for something you don't have yet, you start to access your quantum potential.

Why 'pre-viewing' works

Imagine you're living in fixed mindset, only identifying with negative emotions keeping you in the same place. It's like being tuned in to just one radio station, ignoring all the other frequencies that are available.

align with the right frequency to access your quantum potential

In other words, if your antenna can only receive AM frequencies, you will never be able to pick up an FM signal. Similar in life, as long as you align yourself with your old energy signature, you will not be able to attract a different reality.

The solution is simple, re-arrange your antennas and align with the range of possible frequencies that exist. Preview the event and imagine how you would be grateful for it. Then when opportunities arise, your brain will be prepared and receptive to capitalize on it.

Become the cause of effect, instead of the environment causing an effect on you. Next to seeing and feeling your future image, you can then start with actively attracting it.

Part 3. Become the cause of effect

Becoming the cause of effect means you are the frontrunner of your reality. You are creating a better self-image, from which new action and behaviour will spring forth.

“Creating a better self-image does not create new abilities, talents, powers – it releases and utilizes them.”

- Maxwell Maltz

However, it's true that releasing the past to become a new version of yourself is difficult. Nevertheless it is a necessary step to manifest change in your reality. You have to go against the grain of the vision keeping you in the same place and actively seek out a new reality.

"To demonstrate to yourself that there is an alternative vision, contrary to the environmental condition that you are in. "

- Joe Dispenza

How mental practice can help become the cause

In the book Psycho Cybernetics, Maxwell Maltz mentions that using vivid positive images can generate great feelings of success in your mind and that these images can be just as effective as real practice to lay the groundwork for change.

Additionally, he also mentions an interesting experiment by Research Quarterly that investigated the effects of mental practice on improving skill in sinking basketball free throws.

Mental practice can help you build a new future

Group 1 practiced throwing the ball every day for 20 days, and were scored on the first and last day.

Group 2 was scored on the first and last days and did not practice in between.

Group 3 only practiced on the first and last day,while also spending 20 minutes each day imagining that they were still practicing and throwing the ball at the goal.

In summary, results of the study conclude that the first group improved in scoring 24 per cent. The second group did not show improvement. The third group that focused on mental practice improved in scoring 23 per cent. In other words, mental practice was just as effective as actual practice.

Shadow boxing against yourself

Another example of a successful visualizer is Jim Corbett, a World Heavyweight Champion boxer who practiced “shadowboxing”.

shadow boxing with yourself to create a new future

Once, he was asked how he mastered his control and execution for his left jab. Then, he replied that he had practiced throwing his left at his own image in the mirror for more than 10,000 times.

Put differently, your conscious energy can truly make a difference in attracting a new reality. So start believing it. See yourself succeeding. Mentally view yourself doing that one thing you thought you couldn't do. If you don't know where to start read on to see which techniques you can use for it.

Part 4. Using mental techniques 

cultivate beliefs to help you build a better future

Either we use mental programming to work towards a certain outcome or we just let life come our way and accept it. Both are programs and both work. Choose which one you prefer and that will become your future.

Here are some techniques to help to develop and imagine the future you.

#1. Meditation
#2. Visualization exercises
#3. Changing colour screens
#4. Rapid induction

Technique #1. Meditation

The most prominent mental programming technique access your quantum potential is meditation. Generally speaking, meditation is a technique to go beyond the analytical into the realm of the inner world. Put differently, it allows us to connect to our inner sense of self and our bodily feelings.

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

- Carl Jung

Surprisingly, meditation allows us to observe ourselves more closely because of our heightened awareness. As a result, physical changes in the brain actually take place as our mind unwinds and exits the beta state of high awareness. Then, we can shift towards a relaxed alpha state or suggestive theta state.

alpha and theta waves can give you peace

Alpha Waves

Alpha brainwaves are categorized as a state of relaxation, with our inner world becoming more accessible to ourselves. This type of brainwave is ideal for visualization and creative thinking. Moreover, it also takes us out of the high beta state which generally focuses on the external world.

Theta Waves

Theta brainwaves are categorized as a near sub-conscious waves where senses are pulled from the outside world and directed to internal signals and sensations. At the same time it is also the brainwave that is correlated with intuition and access to information beyond your conscious mind. Particularly Theta waves are associated with suggestive talk and engagement of the sub-conscious.

In short, both brain states can be beneficial when you are seeking to imagine a new future you. Through meditation you can move from a state of excitement towards a state of relaxation with suggestive capabilities. Additionally, practicing meditation will also allow for a higher level of receptiveness to other mental programming techniques.

Technique #2. Visualization exercises

Visualize your perfect day one year from now. Or more specifically, an activity in your mind that includes a limiting belief that you would wish to be different.

visualize and imagine to access your quantum potential

For example, imagine yourself making an effective sales presentation. Or that you are speaking charismatically. Maybe you are staying calm in high intensity moments. Or imagine that you're able to speak a new language. How about imagining yourself adopting a healthy lifestyle?

Whatever the goal, you have to create a collage of mental pictures of this situation. Subsequently, mentally visualize these pictures and create a vivid imagination of having achieved it already.

If this is too difficult for you to imagine, focus on re-creating a mental picture of past success past that empowers you. Feel the emotions of this past experience and emotionally bridge these feelings towards the present. Then add the mental image of the future.

Technique #3. Changing colour screens

A similar exercise is to visualize going from a black and white image to a coloured image in a matter of seconds. This technique is called the Swoosh Whoosh technique from The Biology of Empowerment by Lee Pulos.

The swoosh part of the black and white image signifies the demoralized state and the limiting belief you currently. Then, mentally hold this picture and then whoosh the picture into a coloured image while enforcing the new empowered belief.

In time, the more you practice, the easier it becomes. Change truly starts in the mind. Therefore, find ways to trick your brain in becoming familiar with new thought patterns.

Technique #4. Rapid induction

The Rapid Induction technique focuses on creating a new conviction. In this case, you start by using an eye roll induction to induce self-hypnosis. You can perform an eye roll by sitting comfortably and keeping your eye level just above the horizon. Then slowly close your eyes.

Imagine a candle above your head. Each breath takes you deeper in a peaceful state. Try to inhale relaxation and exhale tension, imagining you are melting the wax slowly. Think of a blackboard with a number that displays your level of relaxation. The number 0 signifies no relaxation and 100 signifies total relaxation. Keep the number as a visual image in your mind and go deeper until you reach 100.

Then, program yourself with one power image that focuses on the future you wish to create. Include a power word that you can repeat to yourself and the emotion that you wish to feel. Frame it like a painting and make it glow. Repeat the image, word and the emotion and mentally program yourself with this power image, word and feeling. Subsequently, breathe in deeply and use the verbal statement "that is me" to identify and become familiar with the conscious energy you are holding in your mind.

Final tip to enhance techniques

motion screen video image of future

Many people find they visualize more easily when they imagine themselves sitting before a large motion picture screen and imagine that they are seeing a motion picture of themselves. This allows you to approximate the actual experience as much as possible. By paying attention to small details, sights, sounds, objects, identification with the new image of yourself becomes easier.

Creating your optimal future

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

- Socrates

My hope has been showing you that we all have the ability to build a new identity. We can all access your quantum potential by using the right mental techniques. But it starts with imagination and creation; visualizing thoughts, experiencing feelings and believing in your aspirations that you're able to expand the blueprint of who you are.

So stop basing your future on the past, and give yourself access to your quantum potential.

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